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At the intersection of healthcare and technology, our platform provides medical providers and patients with seamless care coordination. Specializing in care management in the post-acute care setting, EliteCare streamlines the intricate web of care services through the synchronization of all care providers in real time. Our commitment to interoperability and automation reduces the administrative burden of care coordination, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters-the patient's journey towards better health.

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Most adverse events occur within the first 72 hours following hospital discharge.

One in five patients will experience a complication after being discharged from an inpatient setting. Numerous studies have demonstrated the majority of these complications are preventable with timely, coordinated care upon discharge. Unfortunately, the fragmented post-acute care setting makes timely and coordinated care difficult.

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The post-acute care setting lacks interoperability.

The lack of interoperability within the post-acute care setting results in laborious efforts to ensure timely, coordinated care. This places a significant administrative and financial burden on medical practices and facilities since most care coordination tasks are still performed through manual processes.

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$1 billion in missed potential Medicare payments.

Primary care providers are missing over $1 billion in direct payments due to poor coordination and the extensive administrative requirements needed to bill for care management services. This does not include missed bonus payments from practices and facilities participating in care savings programs.

Less than


of eligible providers bill for TCM & CCM services

EliteCare automates and streamlines care management to improve patient outcomes.

We provide medical practices and facilities in the post-acute care setting a collaborative platform for all care management services. Our commitment to interoperability ensures your efforts are never duplicated. See how we can help you provide EliteCare while simultaneously increasing your revenue.

Care Team Communication

Invite other specialists to a patient's EliteCare portal to ensure seamless communication during a patient's transitional period.

Workflow Automation

Minimize the administrative burden associated with transitions of care with our automated care management workflows.

Outcome Analytics

Improve your quality metrics with actionable ways to decrease your 30-day rehospitalization and complication rates.

Who We Serve

EliteCare offers a versatile and robust platform, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of the various transitional care stakeholders. We leverage cutting-edge technology to synchronize care stages, optimize stakeholder communication, and ensure that every transition in the care continuum is smooth, efficient, and patient-centered.

Medical Practices

Reduce your administrative burden on care management tasks while simultaneously increasing your revenue. Track your patients in real time as they transition through the care continuum and never miss a transitional care visit again.

Post Acute Care Facilities

Reduce your 30-day rehospitalization rate and improve cost savings with EliteCare. Decrease you manual workload and increase your medical record accuracy through our automatic record retrieval workflow.

Home Health

Improve your order workflow management with EliteCare. Utilize our care management portal to collaborate in real time with your patients' care teams and receive automatic updates on tasks such as face-to-face visit completion.

Seamless, Intuitive Care Management

  • Receive real time updates as your patients transition throughout the care continuum.
  • Automated care management tasks are generated once a patient returns home.
  • Ensure accuracy of records through automated medication reconciliations and inpatient record retrieval.
  • Leverage the power of collaboration and directly communicate with all care management stakeholders on one platform.
Elite Care Technologies transitional care management workflow

Our founder

Darin Patmon photo

Darin Patmon MD, MBA

Co-Founder Darin Patmon brings a unique perspective to the field of care management with his dual education in both business and medicine. Currently a resident physician at Corewell Health West, Darin has firsthand experience with the challenges of discharge coordination. Prior to his role at Corewell Health, Darin played a key role in managing one of the fastest growing mobile medical practices in South Florida. It was during his time managing the mobile practice that the concept of EliteCare was born.

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